The Red Truck Story

We started out as a couple of friends in the HVAC industry.

As a group, we shared the same values—the same high standards for ourselves and our work. And eventually, we got to thinking: What would it take to build a company of our own?

The idea of starting a business was a little daunting at first. But over time, we realized that we had the opportunity to do HVAC better. As experienced technicians, we knew we had the skills. And we trusted that if we delivered for our customers, the business side of things might just work out.

In 2021, we hit the road with three simple rules::Do the right thing, do a good job, and take care of people.

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Meet Our Team

Expertise is important. But for us, customer service matters just as much. And we’ve assembled a team of pros who share in that commitment.

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Andrew Leberfinger

Years of Experience: 8

Area of Expertise: Service and maintenance

Personal Passions: Coaching soccer, staying active, and spending time with his wife and two dogs

Andrew Leberfinger: HVAC Technician

Ethan Ressler

Years of Experience: 8

Area of Expertise: HVAC service

Personal Passions: Spending time with friends

Ethan Ressler: Service Supervisor

Andrea Young

Years of Experience: 2

Area of Expertise: Scheduling and time management

Personal Passions: Baking, gardening, traveling, and spending time with family

Andrea Young: Service Dispatcher

Tyler Burgess

Years of Experience: 1

Area of Expertise: Solving problems

Personal Passions: Hiking, biking, kayaking, and cooking

Tyler Burgess: Installation Helper

William Hiteshew

Years of Experience: 5

Area of Expertise: Installation

Personal Passions: Spending time with family

William Hiteshew: Installer, Service Technician

Ben Heil

Years of Experience: 5

Area of Expertise: Ductwork and Gas Piping

Personal Passions: Home improvement, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends

Ben Heil: Installer

Jamie Brubaker

Years of Experience: 20

Area of Expertise: Designing complicated HVAC systems

Personal Passions: Anything with an engine, getting outside, and spending time with family

Jamie Brubaker: Partner, President, Sales

Matt Adams

Years of Experience: 16

Area of Expertise: All types of HVAC installation

Personal Passions: Hunting, fishing, and spending time with family

Matt Adams: Partner, HVAC Coordinator

Austin Rutt

Years of Experience: 10

Area of Expertise: Hot water heating systems

Personal Passions: Just about any outdoor activity, especially with his family

Austin Rutt: Partner, Lead Installer

Elliott Fisher

Years of Experience: 12

Area of Expertise: Installing forced air systems

Personal Passions: Hunting, four-wheeling, and family trips to the cabin

Elliott Fisher: Partner, Lead Installer